Welcome to My Blace!

This site is whatever I want it to be, you're just along for the ride

I don't even remember why I created this site in the first place, but it doesn't really matter since I only started to get actively into updating it in August 2022. There's a chance I'll abandon it again in the future but who knows, I might just stick around

The creator of this site is named Boa, and you can learn more over at the about page, some other pages I recommend are the art, writing, pets, and links page. Feel free to go wherever you want tho, I'm not your dad.

I can't stop anyone from following or interecting with this site, but just know that any bigots, pedos, racists, transphobes, homphobes and any other fuckers like that are not welcome and never will be.

(If you view my site in anything other than firefox i take no respnsibility over what it looks like.) (Image on the right by Pixelins on tumblr.)

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Planned Pages

Misc: Art Showcase

There's a lot of art out there that slaps, and I want to share it.

Misc: Webgarden

Seems like a cool little concept, and I do love designing boxes.

Games: Splatoon

I've been playing since the first one!! Why have I not created a page for it yet??


  • Add more art
  • Finish Shrines
  • Create new site button variations.
  • More Decorations!!
  • Revamp playlist



Added a second side bar and rewrote a bunch in the game log page and moved some stuff around. Also changed the main font to a bolder version and added a new song to the playlist.


Changed heading font.


Added word vomit page.


Changed the index to the homepage, reformatted and decorated some things, and added a bunch of links. Updates are gonna majorly slow down, splatoon 3 came out :).


Added the beginnings of my Toontown Online Shrine.


Added new song to playlist and guestbook.


Overhaul of basically everything on the site. I'm pretty happy with this layout so hopefully I can actually get to adding new pages instead of changing old ones.


Added a new font, links, and a song to the playlist.


Reorganized links, recreated about page and reorganized game log.


Added game log page.


Widened main page, added more kitties, added new songs to playlist, and tweaked some layouts.


Spruced up the entrance, added a playlist, added bumper stickers, and tweaked a couple of little things here and there.


Updated about, added more short stories to the writing page, added the FFXIV Page, Graphics Page, and some kitties :]


Reworked code into frames, and replaced music.


Added Cookie Run page.


Added links page, updated about, and other various tweaks.


Replaced music on all pages, added music page, and added Nintendoland shrine/shrines page.


Added pets and writing page.